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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Doom 3: Hell Inside
Shiny stuff do not belong in the world of Doom so here we are a few layers of paint later... It is a black base coat with some pewter and brass added with drybrushing.
The Laing D4 pump got to taste some paint as well.
When testing out the placement of the pump and reservoir I noticed the barbs pointing in the wrong directions. It was however something I had expected so a bit of plumber putty and two copper bends were added. Also a bit more testing revealed the need of a different mounting mechanism which was cut out from sheet aluminium and attached to the pump with Milliput. An hour of flow testing proved the seal around the barbs was working as expected. When everything is set tomorrow it will be painted again.
First out was to complete the paintjob on the pump.
The bit with clear copper will be covered by tube and a hose clamp so the end result should be no copper visible at all.
Here we have some extended aluminium (also known as mesh).
The mesh is installed on both left and right side, however I didn't want it flush with the case panel so a few bends were added.
Here is a better view of the extrusion. Oh and don't worry, it will not stay gold...
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