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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Carbon Fibre - a different case mod material
The pumps seen on the epoxy bottles are unfortunately not included but a very good investment to use since they will make the mixing a breeze. One full press on each will result in a perfect 1:5 mix ratio of hardener and resin. Stir the epoxy slowly to not get any unwanted air bubbles added. If you got the ratio right you have an effective work time of about 20 minutes before the cure starts.
The epoxy wont stick to the polyester film on top of the table so no release agent such as wax is needed.

A layer of epoxy has been added over the film with the help of the medispat. Paint brushes will work as well but the medispats are cheaper in the long run...
Next the fabric is added and properly worked down to get rid of any air pockets, then some more epoxy is added to prepare for the next layer.
The balsa is next to be added and worked down as well to get rid of air pockets yet again. More epoxy is added on top to prepare for the final layer of carbon fibre.
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