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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Udat
Here we have the canvas, a Morex Venus CP668 Mini-ITX case. It has enough internal volume to hold a device three 5.25" bays tall and a 200W PSU.
And that tall device is this 5-bay hot-swap mobile S-ATA HDD rack. Just lift a handle and the drive will come out nicely.
On the rear it has 5 normal Molex plugs so no need for S-ATA power converters. Underneath that you can see the five S-ATA connectors.
First mod victim for this project, an Epia M-10000 board that had a slightly to tall audio connector. It had to meet a violent death but the motherboard survived the plier attack.
With the audio connector gone it was easy to fit a Raidcore 4852 8-port S-ATA RAID controller in a PCI riser. The controller is a 133MHz PCI-X device that luckily is backwards compatible to 32bit PCI.
All rivets were drilled out, then the side and front pieces were cut to a suitable size and shape to allow the mobile rack to fit. With the rivets back in place this is how it turned out.
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