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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project 3
First as always, we have some concept art. The case will simply be built up by a lot of 2mm aluminium sheets in the shape of the digit three.
Some minor shopping done, got a nice Igloo 4 aluminium case, a 400W Qtek PSU and two blue 12" CCFLs.
I hope you really didn't think I was planning to put a PC in that case, no no, all I wanted it for was the nice aluminium motherboard tray... The remaining of the case will be a suitable table for my scanner.
The CAD drawings are done, this is the front section.
Mid section which it will be nine copies of.
And the rear section.
While waiting for the parts to be cut out by Sciss Ltd a few other bits and pieces arrived like the HDD, RAM, CD-RW, 10mm brass spacers and M3 threaded rods.
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