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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Doom 3: Hell Inside
The watercooling gear has arrived. From the top left we have: Black Ice Micro radiator, Laing D4 pump, DangerDen NV-68 block. And the front row a Vantec Tornado 80mm fan and a DangerDen TDX block.
The NV-68 block was easy to install, took longer to remove the stock cooling than adding the new block.
This is the big hold down device that successfully stop any attempt to use the PCI slot, had been nice to use for a gigabit NIC but never mind.
To be able to fit the card in the AGP slot the aluminium crossbar had to be removable. So with four rivets drilled out the card is finally in place.
With the crossbar installed again you can see why it had to be removable...

Some good and bad news regarding the NV-68 block, it do indeed fit inside the shell of an XPC with a good 0.5mm to spare. It will however block the space needed by a normal CD-player.
The perforated area for the stock cooling was cut away to give unrestricted airflow to the radiator. Nice and shiny chrome, isn't it?
On the inside the Vantec Tornado will reside.
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