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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Doom 3: Hell Inside
It is time to make a lump of flesh containing the DOOM 3 logo. The letters were cut out from balsa wood, then had the mechanical pattern added with a normal pen (due to the soft wood it made nice groves). Finally the letters were squeezed into... you can never guess... Milliput.
This piece required a few more steps than the previous ones. First it was all painted matt black, then drybrushing with dark red, bright red and finally pewter colour on top of the letters. The groves done by the pen in the previous posting were more or less gone at this stage so a bit of black paint had to be added before the final layer of clear epoxy resin.
The CD player and the drive tray got a matt black base coat and a nickel coloured drybrush layer on top. The picture is a bit dark so it might be difficult to see though.
Next up was to generate a bit of texture for the outer shell. 0.5mm plywood was chosen for an armor plating look. The pattern was drawn directly on the plywood with a pencil and a ruler just to make the lines reasonably straight. The letters plus the horizontal and vertical lines were added last to be able to reassemble the pattern with the correct spacing.
The plywood was cut to shape with a scissor and glued in place. Then some unused parts from plastic kits were added in a first ever kitbashing attempt in a mashie mod.

Last but not least a hole were torn open in the mesh right over where the DOOM3 logo will be.
To finish off the outer shell a black basecoat was added, then drybrushed with nickel, pewter and old bronze paint.
Two panels were drybrushed in a different shade to give more life to the over all look.
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