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Read about the remake of the classic Udat case.
Project Doom 3: Hell Inside
With the wet section proved working it was time to rip most of the case apart again to do the wiring. This is also the first shot where you can see the full water loop. If you wonder what the green section is on the tube it is simply an extension since I ran out of tube when the radiator ended up a further back than planned.
This is a dual 4" CCFL kit from ACRyan. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of them in their original state but here you can see them after they got stripped from the acrylic tube and the exposed wire is gone by having one wire connected to each end.
They were supposed to be red but hot pink is a better description of the colour emitted. The fix is quite simple, just adding a layer of fire red GEL sheet and a nice red colour is produced.
The camera did not want to play along so the colour corrected CCFL looks yellow here.
This was an unplanned solution, it is a fan controller to replace the PWM based product used earlier. It was set wrong for the temperature in my apartment so it was running 90% all the time. This new controller use five diodes to drop the voltage from 12v to 9.5v. The 12v source was connected to the same terminal on the switch as the yellow wire. The output to the fan is the terminal in the middle
All wires done and the CCFLs are in place.
The white Molex connector got replaced with a black version to fit in better with the theme.
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